SaludPanama may periodically reward its users and followers, at its sole discretion, by giving away products and/or services provided directly by SaludPanama and/or by any of its sponsors, business partners and/or clients. Any participant in this type of promotional activity who follows instructions and completes missions that are required to obtain the prizes, participates being 100% in agreement that said prizes will be delivered according to the rules described for each promotion, under the strict supervision of the team. of SaludPanama, and only SaludPanama will be able to determine if there are errors in the process of granting the prizes or not. By participating, the user renounces their right to claim the results delivered at the end of the activity, this being valid for all activities.

SaludPanama reserves the right without limitation to cancel, postpone, eliminate, extend, assign to third parties or modify in any way any contest at its sole discretion, without obligation to notify participants of this. No claims of any kind will be accepted for any commercial activity that involves the delivery of prizes. In the event that SaludPanama attends to any type of claim and follows it up, the rule is that no claims will be accepted. Even if the claim is validated by the SaludPanama team, this fact will be considered a very special courtesy on the part of SaludPanama towards the entire community, and not only with the person who has submitted the claim, and will not represent a precedent for future claims. no way.

Unless expressly indicated otherwise in the promotions or events, all promotions that include a prize will be limited to the delivery of this prize to consumers who can physically pick up their prize at the SaludPanama offices in Panama City. 

Last update January 31, 2023

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