About SaludPanama

About Us

We are a content production and publishing company specialized in Medicine, Health and Wellness, Medical Tourism and related topics for the Republic of Panama and the LATAM region.

What do we do?

At SaludPanama we are dedicated to providing doctors, dentists, clinics and hospitals with an external department of communications, marketing, advertising, logistics, business intelligence, technology and technical support, in addition to a constant social link, to guarantee their knowledge of the latest market trends. 

And we only work for doctors?

While our main commercial challenge is to advance the career and commercial reach of the individual medical professional, we also work for medical groups, clinics, hospitals, brands and institutions, and provide services at the level of each need, in the national and international market.

The brand and the media SaludPanama

Saludpanama.com has built a health communications brand that has been deeply involved in the print, television and online publishing markets, medical tourism, marketing research, social media and more. We currently work for hundreds of clients in the Republic of Panama, Central America, the United States and Europe.

Origin of our economic funds

SaludPanama is possible thanks to the preference of doctors and dentists in Panama for our brand as a provider of communications between their professional practices and their patients. SaludPanama.com is also sponsored by brands, companies, products and services in the health sector, which invest part of their advertising budgets in our channels.


SaludPanama's mission is to provide its clients with the communication, marketing and strategic components necessary to boost their growth and reduce the gap between the start of the business and its positioning as a successful company in the market.


SaludPanama envisions a unified market with high ethical and professional values ​​in its communication processes, which results in more and better health at the lowest possible costs for the general population.

Human team

Only the best work at SaludPanama. Our staff is selected based on their empathy, experience and ability to improve the experience of each of our clients and users.

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