Affiliations and Services


Thank you for your interest in SaludPanama services.

We are dedicated to creating profiles for medical professionals and healthy brands that last forever, and we produce content that makes those profiles tell their story to those who need it.

Affiliation for Medical Content Creators

Acquire a piece of digital Real Estate in the domain, with the support of the best support team for creators. With your annual membership, you acquire permanent services that last for life. At the same time, you acquire renewable benefits that will be provided continuously as long as your account is active and in good standing.

How does joining SaludPanama benefit me?

  • SaludPanama saves you thousands of dollars in promotion, communication and corporate image costs. 
  • Eliminates the need for a website.
  • Includes web positioning of your name and your specialty.
  • Create and maintain a uniform image of yourself as a professional on all social networks.
  • Create and maintain your image for use in other media.
  • Makes it easier for patients to access your person.
  • Generate your profile page, your generated content page, your Vimeo page, among others.
  • Constantly interact with your social networks, thus increasing your relevance and authority.
  • Our Permanent Services plan guarantees that you keep your URL positioned and your content created forever.

Our team in action:

Medical content production:

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