Spinal hygiene: postural exercises

There are many factors that influence whether a person suffers from spinal problems, one of the main ones being genetics. Now, there are also other factors with control measures that we can take into account to reduce the risk of injuries or problems in the spine.

We know all of these measures as adequate spinal hygiene and they are actions that all people must carry out in their daily lives, to avoid suffering from spinal pathology in the future or to reduce the risk of complications or having episodes of pain. , in those who already have a diagnosis.

Spinal hygiene measures apply when we are in the office, at bedtime, when walking, when we practice some physical activity.

In the office we have to try to have a suitable chair that provides us with adequate lumbar support. The computer monitor, whether laptop or desktop, should be aligned with your gaze. Any action that must be performed on this equipment can be performed by simply adjusting your gaze and without having to bend your neck. We should try to avoid sitting for long periods of time. It is recommended after every hour to stand up, change position, stretch and sit down again.

When using smart devices such as cell phones or tablets, which today have become a work tool, we must try to use them adjusted to the gaze and not force the neck to perform a forced flexion.

When doing exercises, it is very important to take into account that we have to protect our back, not lift exaggerated or excessive weight and always perform exercises using the appropriate muscles so as not to strain the back.

It is advisable not to pick things up using or performing exaggerated flexion of the lumbar spine, but instead bending the knees.

At bedtime, it is recommended to sleep on your back or side so that the spine remains in a proper position.

It is very important and one of the main factors to understand that we must have an adequate weight.

The spine is the structure that is responsible for supporting all the weight of the body and distributing it towards the legs.

By Dr. Andrés Báez Gómez - Minimally invasive spine surgery 

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