5 benefits of drinking espresso coffee

Drinking espresso or short black coffee is something that everyone likes. It is not possible to deny it. We love coffee and we can't live without it, at least if we are one of the people who drink it (because if you don't like it, it's obvious that you won't need it). However, even those who don't drink coffee may start doing so after learning about its many benefits. 

For this note, we have chosen 5 of the most important benefits that coffee brings to our health. By drinking espresso we will achieve several advantages that will come in handy in our daily lives.

1. It could positively affect brain health (Reference)

The first thing the espresso shot does is provide that injection of caffeine that we love so much in the morning. To keep us awake and start working at full capacity, caffeine is essential. It's not that we need it, it's that we like it the best. Then we find the first advantage of this drink: the improvement of long-term memory. And the reason is that if we drink an adequate amount of caffeine we will notice that incentive for our body.

Michael Yassa, a neuroscientist at the University of California, who conducted a study on this, verified exactly this: the caffeine he recommends is the equivalent of two espressos, which helps our memory consolidate and we can make better use of our memories with it. pass of the time. What happens if we drink more coffee than the indicated two cups? In that case we will not suffer any side effects, but we will not reach a higher level of memory either.

2. It could help with weight management and control (Reference)
The great benefit of espresso is that it has a minimal calorie figure. If we do not add sugar or another ingredient, such as cream, we will be keeping caloric intake to a minimum. In addition to this, it helps us in the exercise sessions we do.

According to a study, caffeine helps reduce the level of effort we must use by 5%. And no less relevant, when we finish the exercises we will not only be more rested, but our muscles will hurt less, since it is another of the benefits of coffee. In this sense, the recommendation is that we drink between two and three cups of espresso an hour before playing sports to notice that our muscles hurt less during and after exercise.

3. It could be related to a lower risk of Type 2 Diabetes (Reference)
The more coffee we consume, the less risk we will have of suffering from type 2 diabetes. This is said by a Harvard study in which caffeine consumption was studied over a period of four years. People who increased their daily coffee consumption reduced the risk of suffering from the disease and although it is not a factor that completely keeps us away from the disease, it helps make it possible. To ensure that type 2 diabetes does not appear in our body, we must also try to stay in shape, play sports, and not overindulge in sweets; and always don't forget the coffee.

4. Increase your alertness levels (Reference)
There are several factors that increase when we drink coffee, such as the level of attention our body offers and how alert our senses are. We also reduce fatigue and fill ourselves with energy. These are reasons why it is common to drink a cup of espresso in the morning and why many people say that "until I drink my first coffee I am nobody."

The reason why this type of benefit occurs is due to a series of neurochemical interactions promoted by the introduction of coffee. It is also due to the presence of dopamine in coffee, which helps the brain pay more attention. However, experts recommend finding the middle ground, given that too much caffeine can lead us to the opposite situation and cause us to have problems concentrating properly.

5. It could contribute to better heart health (Reference)
Any habit that can help us stay away from heart attacks is welcome in our lives. It is known that coffee, at least one cup a day, is beneficial in reducing the chances of suffering a heart attack. The reason? The antioxidants that coffee has and the way in which they enhance the body's resistance with its intake. Studies carried out based on these discoveries have determined that in women the risk can be reduced by 25%, while in men it remains at 21%, which is not bad either knowing how frequent heart attacks are.

With all this in mind, don't feel bad about your "coffee addiction." Drinking espresso has great benefits and is something we should continue doing, with the necessary moderation. 

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