Terms and Conditions of Use of This Website

Terms and Conditions of Use of This Website

Panasalud, SA is a "Sociedad Anónima" type corporation duly established in the Republic of Panama. By using this website you understand and accept the following terms and conditions of use:

1. The content of the SaludPanama.com website is produced entirely by Panasalud, SA and all material published here is the intellectual and commercial property of Panasalud, SA. Its reproduction, copy or redistribution in any form or under any circumstances is not permitted. circumstance without written authorization from Panasalud, SA

2. All SaludPanama.com publications are managed by Panasalud, SA and may be partially or completely modified, or eliminated entirely, without prior notice and at the discretion of Panasalud, SA

3. The use of the SaludPanama.com website, its contact and registration forms, its commercial transactions and any other type of interaction with our users and visitors, must be carried out with respect and restraint by users. Panasalud, SA reserves the right to block access to the website, as well as prohibit contact or ignore contact attempts by individuals who use our systems in ways that violate common sense, good customs and decency. In the event that Panasalud, SA, unilaterally, considers that a user has violated the ideals expressed in this point, it may take the measures it considers pertinent to the case.

4. All images, videos and texts on this websiteSaludPanama.com are duly registered and acquired as intellectual property, and must not be syndicated or shared by any user in any way without written authorization. The internal URLs of this website, listed in the main menu, may be syndicated and shared by users at their discretion.

5. The logo, commercial slogan, slogan of SaludPanama.com "A Point in Favor of Your Health", the concept "SaludPanama", and all identifiers owned by SaludPanama.com as a brand and Panasalud, SA as a company, are property of Panasalud, SA

Last update: January 31, 2023

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